Silc-Soffisof-Shaped-Pannolone-Classic-Extra-absorbency-30-Pieces 13,92 EUR*


  • Kategorie: Arznei- & Heilmittel
  • Preis: 13,92 EUR*
  • Ersparnis gegenüber UVP: 0,28 EUR (1,97%)
  • Marke: SILC SpA
  • Händler: Farmacia Loreto Gallo Germany
    Farmacia Loreto Gallo Germany
Zum Angebot SILC Soffisof Classic shaped diaper Extra absorbency Soffisof Classic shaped diaper is an anatomically shaped absorbent composed of pure cellulose fluff and super absorbent polymers and a waterproof external layer to guarantee maximum safety against...